Solo Show: 'Lepi Loopi', 2016

Bozidar Jakac Art Museum, Slovenia

Tracker (Finger paintings), 2016

acrylic paint on dibond, epoxy resin, UV pigment, automatic dimmer,

63 x 48 cm each

Stones, 2016

Photograph on Inkjet print, epoxy resin, sizes variable

Tracker, 2016

Inkjet print on vinyl sticker, augmented reality application

200 x 133 cm

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Death Reporters, 2009-2014, series of photographs of reporters taken at the moment of reporting the amount of deaths on TV, sizes variable


Lullaby at 'Lepi Loopi' solo exhibition, 2016

Contemporary Photography Centre Photon, Ljubljana

Lullaby, 2016


13:30 min looping